Free Rounding & Estimation Worksheets

Rounding and estimation worksheets are a great way to review these math concepts that actually come in handy in your kid's day-to-day routine. Whether your kid needs a little help master the art of rounding and estimation, or could simply use a little review, you're sure to find what you need here. Covering topics such as adding rounded numbers, rounding decimal numbers up or down, and estimating the final bill while grocery shopping, our estimation worksheets will help your kid master these important math skills. Browse through and print a few rounding and estimation worksheets and have your child practice these key concepts.

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Challenge your student with this worksheet about rounding money to the nearest ten dollars.
Rounding & Estimation
Third Grade
If your child has mastered money math but needs to know how to round, hand her this quick introduction to rounding up and down to the nearest dollar.
Rounding & Estimation
Third Grade

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