School Supplies Worksheets and Printables

School supplies worksheets and printables get your child to create bookmarks and more. There are a variety of printable school supplies worksheets for your child in our selection of academically focused paper supplies. Print out a list of test-taking strategies for your studious child, or a set of Halloween bookmarks for your ghoulishly clever little one. These school supplies worksheets and printables show your child that having colorful and interesting school supplies doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Try our school supplies worksheets and printables.

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Test anxiety can be a huge blockade for many kids during their education. Help your child relax for his next test with these helpful strategies.
School Supplies
First Grade
If you're looking for bookplates with a bit of personality, try these cute printable bookplates.
School Supplies
Second Grade
Make some Halloween bookmarks, the perfect place-savers for your favorite scary stories.
School Supplies
First Grade
Preparing for a test is much harder for some kids than others! Help your child learn good habits to prepare for a test with these helpful tips.
School Supplies
First Grade

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