Second Grade Math Worksheets & Printables

Whether your child needs a challenge or a little extra help with a specific second grade math skill, our second grade math worksheets are here to help. Get practice and support for skills like rounding, word problems, measurement and more. Check out other second grade worksheets to give your child what he needs.

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Tips for Helping Your Child With 2nd Grade Math

Second grade is an important year for building fundamental math skills that will set the foundation for math fluency in the older grades. Second graders will expand upon their understanding of operations: They will learn to add and subtract two-digit and three-digit numbers, and will also begin to explore the concepts of multiplication and division. They will develop number sense as they continue to practice with skip counting and odd and even numbers. Place value to the thousands and rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten will also be covered. In addition, money, measurement and time will be explored in second grade. This is just a short list of some of the math skills second graders will develop this year. You can help support this learning with additional practice. Try some of these second grade math tips to help your child become a math master.

  • Work through a few problems on paper to start. Let your child attempt the first exercises on a second grade math worksheet. Show him how you would solve a problem if he's having difficulty.
  • Bring visual aids into your second grade math practice to help your child get a clear understanding of what he is working on. Counters, such as cereal pieces or beads, work well for most problems, but you can also use coins for money practice or even mirrors and small shape blocks for geometry practice.
  • Use the visual aids to solve a few problems together. After a couple of problems, have your child solve the next few exercises with your supervision. Remember that consistency is key for second grade math practice, so let your child have time to practice.
  • Let your child practice his newfound math skills with more second grade math worksheets. Allow him some quiet time to practice with math worksheets for second grade everyday to help him get a clear understanding of his current math lesson.
  • Have a peek at math concepts to come by browsing our third grade math worksheets.

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