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Sight words are the most frequently used words in the English language, and include words such as who, the, he, were, does, be, and is. Often, these words cannot be sounded out using standard phonetic rules. You can help your child learn sight words with these worksheets below. Sight words practice can build reading fluency and confidence. Sight words are particularly important in kindergarten and first grade. When you are finished with sight words, check out our other kindergarten worksheets.

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Become a Sight Word Master with these Tips and Tricks

Sight word worksheets are a great resource for young readers and writers. Sight word worksheets make great activities on their own, but there are also tons of great exercises you can do to help your child learn sight words. Try our tips and tricks to make them most of sight word worksheets:

  • Print out a set of sight word flash cards. Use the flash cards as a way to review sight words with your child when you're reading a book together. Skim through the book on your own to look for sight words. Pick out three words, and get their matching flash cards. Before you read the book, show your child the flash cards and read them with him. Give your child the flash cards, then begin reading the book. If your child hears or reads a sight word, he can hold up the flash card. At the end of the story, review the flash cards with your child.
  • After your child has completed a sight word worksheet, go on a sight word hunt! Give your child a book or newspaper and see if he can find the worksheet's sight word in the text. For an extra bonus, challenge your child to find the sight word in three different spots, or have him read the sentence that contains the sight word.
  • Keep a sight word list with your child. Each time your child learns five new sight words, challenge him to write a paragraph using all of the words. If he can complete the paragraph, give him a prize! Books make wonderful prizes for this challenge, and kids might also like other reading-related prizes, such as bookmarks or children's magazines. For more fun with reading, check out our reading worksheets.

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