Third Grade Worksheets and Printables

Third grade worksheets get your eight- or nine-year-old to learn with fun exercises and beautiful illustrations. Use our third grade worksheets to introduce your child to new concepts and review lessons. There are a ton of third grade math worksheets, including decimal, multiplication, and currency worksheets, as well as third grade language arts worksheets, like adjective practice sheets, reading exercises, and metaphor composition pages. There are also third grade paper projects, history lessons, and science worksheets. Use our third grade worksheets with your child.

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Learn all about Amelia Bloomer, a daring woman who did a lot more than just set a fashion trend!
Third Grade
Plan out a better school year with some handy homemade bookmarks! These ones double as school planners, with plenty of space for note-taking.
Third Grade
Paper Projects
Create the perfect paper snowflake with the help of this instructionable!
Third Grade
Go on a beach adventure in this find-it sheet.
Third Grade
Puzzles & Sudoku
Make springtime around your house even brighter by coloring and making this spring banner to hang up! It's a great decoration for parties and Mother's Day.
Third Grade
Writing Arabic is fun with these great worksheets. Kids practice writing the Arabic letter Fā' in all forms to learn how to create fluid Arabic calligraphy.
Third Grade
Ever wanted to learn how to write Arabic? Check out this worksheet on the Arabic letter Ghayn, one of the more exotic Arabic phonemes.
Third Grade
Did you know some baby birds take 10 days to hatch, and some can take 80 days! Learn all about these cute creatures and finish your lesson off with a fun maze.
Third Grade
Life Science
Got Portlandia? Have some fun with this worksheet and see how many places you can put a bird on it!
Third Grade
Paper Projects
Having trouble studying your times tables? Here is a great visual practice tool, the times table grid.
Third Grade
This third grade writing worksheet covers the 'i' before 'e' rule to give kids a tool to use when trying to spell tricky words.
Third Grade

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