Third Grade Worksheets and Printables

Third grade worksheets get your eight- or nine-year-old to learn with fun exercises and beautiful illustrations. Use our third grade worksheets to introduce your child to new concepts and review lessons. There are a ton of third grade math worksheets, including decimal, multiplication, and currency worksheets, as well as third grade language arts worksheets, like adjective practice sheets, reading exercises, and metaphor composition pages. There are also third grade paper projects, history lessons, and science worksheets. Use our third grade worksheets with your child.

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With helpful fraction word problems, and cool images to accompany them, this worksheet gives your third grader the practice she needs to understand fractions.
Third Grade
Introduce your third grader to the idea of fractions with these basic recipe word problems.
Third Grade
Take your third grader's addition knowledge one step further with this introduction to fractions.
Third Grade
Shape up your kid's geometry skills with this collection of Tangram puzzles. From trees to rockets, your child will hone important shape skills and develop an understanding of fractions.
Third Grade

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