Third Grade The Arts Worksheets and Printables

Third grade arts worksheets help teach your child about dance, music, stand-up comedy, circus arts, and more. If your eight- or nine-year-old was born to be on the stage, he'll enjoy learning about the ins and outs of performing arts with these worksheets. Not only will your child learn about the general practices of different artistic mediums, but he'll also learn about famous artists in history, stage makeup, and even how to perform his own magic tricks and songs. Try third grade arts worksheets with your young artist.

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Want to impress and amaze your friends? Try out some of these easy magic tricks for kids.
Third Grade
The Arts
This Alvin Ailey biography will teach kids about this amazing, influential American dance artist.
Third Grade
This reading sheet is a fascinating peek into the past, great for reading practice or for just plain fun.
Third Grade
The Arts
There's no denying kids love to laugh. Yuk it up with this brief (very brief) history of comedy from our Performing Arts series.
Third Grade
The Arts
Learn more about Stevie Wonder, one of the country's most treasured musicians, in this reading and writing worksheet.
Third Grade

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