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Education.com Introduces Wonder - in a Box!

Wonder Box takes the guesswork out of learning with hands-on projects that ignite kids’ natural curiosity and build kindergarten readiness skills.


Redwood City, CA – April 30, 2012 Education.com, the web’s fastest growing parenting website and a resource for more than six million unique visitors a month, today launched Wonder Box. Created by Education.com’s team of experts with an emphasis on unplugged play, each Wonder Box helps children develop the skills kindergarten teachers consider most essential including letter recognition, number sense and fine motor skills. Immersing children in a variety of entertaining themes like Once Upon a Time and Mad Scientist, each box contains all supplies and instructions needed to complete the included activities and is sourced with high quality materials.

Wonder Box subscriptions start at $24.99 per month with a variety of options available for those purchasing for their own children, as well as those buying boxes as gifts. Subscriptions are available at http://www.education.com/wonderbox.

“We’re so proud of the fact that millions of parents each month rely on Education.com to provide them with new and meaningful ways to make learning fun for their children,” said Danielle Wood, Editor-in-Chief of Education.com. “But we recognize that selecting the ‘right’ experiences for your child and pulling together the required materials can be a daunting task for busy parents. We created Wonder Box to give parents a short-cut to the magic moments we all crave with our children by delivering carefully chosen projects and activities that help families have fun exploring the world together. Our customers get to take advantage of the teachers and experts who create our amazing content and the feedback and insights we’ve received from parents who use that content.  These boxes spark a tremendous amount of learning, creativity and curiosity but what children will be crazy about is the fun.”


Each Wonder Box is filled with hands-on projects and activities to delight 3 to 6 year old children including:


1.       A FUNdamental project. From creative craft projects to starting science experiments, these hands-on activities produce finished products kids can continue to enjoy long after the creation process is over.  Examples include ‘What’s Your Story?’ Cape and Backyard PopRockets.


2.       Two themed Sidekick projects. These quick and imaginative activities help preschoolers deepen their discovery of the theme. Examples include Create-a-Kaleidoscope and Alphabet I Spy Bottle.


3.       A themed Fun Pack. Printed games, coloring pages, sticker books and other activities that give kids a chance to explore the theme independently.  Examples include Illustrate a Famous Fable and Science Sticker Mosaics.


4.       A recipe to tie it all together. A way for children to incorporate ‘taste’ into their exploration of the month’s theme.  Examples include Bubble Bread and Kick the Can Ice Cream.


Additionally, Wonder Box recipients gain access to an exclusive web page with ideas and inspiration to help them explore the month’s theme with their child long after the box is finished.


For more information visit: http://www.education.com/WonderBox.



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