Amistad Friendship Craft

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What You Need:

  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons
  • Sheet of paper
  • Tape

What You Do:

  1. Explain to your child the meaning of amistad, then ask what friendship means to her. What does your child look for in a friend? How does she reciprocate friendship? What does being a good friend mean? Is friendship everlasting or unconditional? After this initial discussion, ask your child to make a list of sentences or words that she associates with friendship, or amistad.
  2. Now help your child to cut out strips of paper, one for each of the sentence or word on the list. Cut the construction paper along the longest side, about one-inch thick. After all of the strips are cut, lay them flat on the table.
  3. Ask your child to write down on each piece of paper one word, phrase, or sentence about friendship.
  4. Once each piece of paper has a word written on it, help your child bend the first strip into a circle to form a ring. Make sure the written words are on the outside. Then, hold the strip in the circle shape by putting a bit of tape at the two meeting points. For each ring that your child adds, make sure she forms the circle by slipping it around the loop of the previous ring, taping it off, and continuing on to the next one. Join the strips together to create a band of interlocking friendship rings.
  5. Display your amistad craft in a place to remind your child what true friendship means. 

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