Earth Guardians: Protecting the Planet

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Explain to your child that today they will learn more about the planet we live on, the impact of climate change, and research organizations that are preserving our planet.
  2. Share that caring for the planet is an important way of practicing our responsible decision-making skills.
  3. Ask your child, "What do you know about this planet we call home?"
  4. Ask, "What is climate change?"
  5. Show your child the National Geographic video about climate change.
  6. Ask your child to write down information that stands out for them on their worksheet, pausing the video as necessary.
  7. After watching the video together, ask questions such as, "What stood out for you in the video? What can we do to reverse the effects of climate change?"
  8. Review the Earth Guardians worksheet with your child and support them in researching and then taking action. Together, create an Earth Guardians family action plan to take better care of the planet.

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