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Waiting with kids? Here are 10 fun ways to keep kids entertained, busy, and quiet while they wait.
As a parent, do you ever wonder if there’s life after kids when it comes to dining out? Have you vowed never to set foot in another chain restaurant, especially the kind that provides toys with their meals, as long as you live? Granted, there can be a bit of trepidation when it comes to taking children to restaurants that cater to adults. And true, the issue of whether it is appropriate to take young kids out to eat at “nice” establishments has been a long and heated debate, with staunch supporters on both sides of the camp. But when families demonstrate respect and common courtesy to restaurateurs, food service employees and fellow patrons, it goes a long way towards repairing the oft portrayed image of self-indulgent parents who wine and dine the night away oblivious of their children, armed with sippy cups and drippy noses, running amuck.
Got a kid who's never been camping before? Ease her fears with this collection that shows getting closer to nature can be fun and a precious memory.
Sooth your children and keep their toes tapping with these 10 CDs.
Advice, activities and recipes to hold the perfect summer barbecue for the whole family.
From in-home to online sessions, various types of tutoring are available. Where to start when it comes to finding the right tutor for your child?
Summer reading may be required by schools, but for a truly educational experience over the summer, it's all about summer writing! To prevent the summer slide, the phenomenon that leaves students starting the new school year a step back from the level they finished with in June, go for reading more engaging older brother, writing. These tips will make writing in the sunshine the new favorite summertime activity for your child.
The summer can be an ideal time to help a child with Dyslexia make significant academic gains. This article includes information on fun and educational summer
Kids and quality family time go together like peanut butter and jelly; kids and long plane rides ... not so much. Flying with children is never a breeze, but you can minimize the level of turbulence if you play your cards right. Read on for tips on making the trip as easy on your kid—and yourself—as possible.
Looking for summer reading ideas? Here are our picks for a solid gold summer of reading with your preschooler.
Celebrate the classically delicious combo of peanut butter and jelly by throwing a PB&J Party! With tons of nutty and fun ideas, your party is sure to be a hit!
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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