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Got a sibling rivalry brewing at home? This article reveals the five most common reason your kids fight with each and what you can do about it.
Your child is getting bigger, and nap time is becoming a battle: when do kids stop napping? Look for these clues that your child's ready to stop snoozing.
Learn the dangers of helicopter parenting and eight tasks you shouldn't be doing for your child.
Here are 5 of the most common potty training issues that parents face today, and how you can tackle them.
Ads pop up whether your strolling down the street or browsing the internet. They may seem harmless enough, but experts agree that advertising, especially when marketing towards children, has lasting negative effects on their physical and mental health. There's no ad blocker you can install on your kid, so what's a parent to do? Find out was to keep grounded in the face of consumerism with these steps.
In a world where academic cheating is rampant, plagiarism is a major concern, and childhood lying can lead to real danger, all parents wish that they could teach their kids to live with honesty and integrity. When your 2-year-old lies about spilling the juice or your 8-year-old is caught cheating on a test, you may be shocked. Take heart — you haven’t done anything wrong. Read on to learn why lying is normal for kids, how you should react to dishonesty, and how to raise honest kids.
It's only natural to hand your son a car and buy your daughter princess dolls for play, but what happens when your son would rather play dress-up and your daughter is obsessed with action figures? Fight gender stereotypes in your home with these tips.
From anti-nappers to fussy babies, 70 percent of children under age five have sleep problems. Help soothe your child to slumber with these sleep tips for kids.
Monsters and goblins and ghouls, oh my! Has the season of zombies and vampires become too over-the-top for young children? How can you make Halloween more about lighthearted hijinks than heart-stopping horror? Fright-fests can be good fun for grown-ups, but research by Rutgers University psychologist Cindy Dell-Clark suggests that this isn’t always the case for kids. “Halloween is a holiday where everything is inverted and turned upside-down,” she says. “With activities like trick-or-treat, basic things like the stranger danger rule are suspended.” For kids, crossing boundaries and cutting loose can be empowering, but also confusing. Every child is different, but here are some core guidelines to keep in mind as All Soul’s Night approaches.
Parents and children live in a technology-saturated world. This article includes information, tips, and advice for parents to navigate the wired world.
By Karen Perles 

When you had a second child, you probably figured that you were giving your first child a great present. Years down the road, however, you’re starting to second-guess yourself. After all, your kids are constantly at each other’s throats, tattling on each other and competing with each other. What happened to the best friends you thought you’d be raising? According to Jennifer Cassatly, a clinical psychologist who works with children and their parents, they might be right under your nose.
There's nothing quite like mom guilt; from discipline to nutrition, it's easy to feel like you're not doing it right. Parenting is hard! Give yourself a break and try not to worry about these typical mama stressors.
Encouragement and boundaries are the cure for ailing parent/child relationships.
Want to get your child started down the road to a greener school? Here are the top 5 things kids can do to help green up their schools.
Kids in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community are too often the victims of harassment. Find out how you can help stop LGBTQ bullying.
By introducing kids to science fiction, you can open up their minds and teach them the power of innovation. Here are some tips for raising a sci-fi kids.
Civil War books for kids can spark an interest in history or fuel a fire that's already been lit. This list provides 10 excellent, kid-friendly Civil War books.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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