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Here is a technique that you can use to make spelling practice easier for your child.
Bring narrative nonfiction to your home or classroom by exploring a moment! This simple style of narrative nonfiction writing inspires imagination in all kids!
Here are six journal ideas to turn your child onto writing.
Don't forget about building vocabulary at home this summer! Keep vocab learning going with these tips and ideas.
Story-time is important. But it doesn't have to always mean sitting down with child and book in lap, and reading. Instead, try creating a story together.
Revision is an essential part of the writing process. Here's a guide to help your child turn in her best piece of writing.
Find out what memoir writing is all about and why it's good for your child, beyond the classroom.
Find out what parents can expect from writing at the of their child's kindergarten year. Here's a rundown of the curriculum, and how parents can help.
Invented spelling is an important stage in learning to write. Here's a list of dos and don'ts that will help your child with spelling.
Poor performance in language arts is not necessarily a life sentence, but it can feel that way to a first grader.  Here's what parents can do to help.
There many types of poetry for kids (and adults), but few are as fun and free as renga. Learn how to write renga poetry.
When it comes to finding the perfect board games for the elementary school crowd, parents can find themselves in quite a pickle.  Here's our top choices!
In middle school, students are expected to organize, synthesize, and take real ownership of their essays.  Here's what parents can do to help.
How and when can parents begin to help if they suspect their child is developing writing difficulties? Here's what parents need to know.
A pen pal helps practice reading and writing, and teaches kids about life in other countries. Find out how to get your child a pen pal here.
Syllabication rules show students how to divide words into syllables for reading and writing. This article outlines five useful syllabication rules.
Shares how families and teachers can use Cambournes√Ęs eight conditions of literacy development to help children develop literacy in fun and meaningful ways.
Should you encourage your child to participate in a spelling bee? This article discusses what sorts of skills a spelling bee hones and why to get involved.
Browse helping your child with writing educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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