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Though the notorious No Child Left Behind Act is supposed to guide all public schools, high schools get left by the wayside.
Article provides an overview of Maine Learning Standards and Guidelines -what are they and how do you find them?
Critics of NCLB believe that the law's emphasis on skills, standards and test scores may have a serious downside, especially for gifted children.
Once a child reaches middle school they no longer need help with reading, right? Wrong, according to the new and improved Striving Readers Act recently introduced in the United States House and Senate
Here is a review of Iowa education standards and benchmarks, plus where to find them online.
High stakes test results from a teacher's class can make or break a career, not to mention a school's budget. This pressure has led some schools to cheat the system. Avoid dishonesty by helping your child through testing with these tips.
Has Obama and his administration made good on his education promises?
What is going to be done about No Child Left Behind?
All you need to know about CSAP, a test designed to measure student achievement in relationship to the Colorado Model Content Standards.
Here's an overview of the likely future of No Child Left Behind under the Obama administration.
Here's a summary of the biggest 3 changes being proposed in the blueprint for NCLB reauthorization, along with pros and cons.
What changes are expected for Obama's No Child Left Behind redesign? Find out what changes are in store.
Find out what kind of test preparation will work best for your teen.
Informal assessment methods help us judge the learning behavior of young children. This article has a handy table of various forms of informal assessment.
Here's what McCain and Obama's education advisers are saying about the major issues affecting America's schools.
Despite all the flack NCLB is getting, there is a new report out which says at least one group has benefited overall from NCLB: students with disabilities.
Standardized tests are a unique test genre, so teachers can't assume that students already know how to take standardized reading tests. Here's some guidance.
An overview of Connecticut Common Core of Learning standards - what are they and how to find them?
Browse testing and standards educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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