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Before you decide to send your student off to a summertime study camp, learn what he'll be in for with this list of pros and cons of academic camps.
Get the facts on academic coaches that can help you decide if your kid needs one.
An overview on how gender influences academic achievement.
Can teaching kids how to be better people also lead to better grades in school? Find out how character education can affect your child's academic success.
There are plenty of choices for summer camp out there, and academic camp is just one type. Sending your kid to spend a summer week with extra schoolwork sounds equally effective and punishing. Read this list of academic camp's pros and cons to decide if it's a good decision for your child.
Outlines various interventions for the ADHD student in several academic areas including reading, listening comprehension, spelling and mathematics.
This article provides a general guide to what kinds of video games really help improve your child's academic skills at various developmental stages versus
Everyone knows that listening to music can help young minds grow, but recent studies show the act of playing music can actually improve your child's academics.
The article discusses how visual-perceptual weaknesses can affect motor and language functions which in turn causes academic delays in children.
Ready to start the college race? Check out the top five things colleges look for in their applicants to see which areas you've got covered and which could use a boost.
'Academic' preschools that promise to prepare kids for the cutthroat world of kindergarten are becoming more and more popular. But are they a good idea?
Why is it important to support English language learners? This article tells you how to support non-native speakers of English in classrooms and schools.
Your teen barely does his homework, thereâs a constant struggle at home, and the more you push, the more he retreats: the classic case of a shut-down learner.
Describes communication and learning disorders. Communication disorders is when children have difficulty producing speech sounds and learning disorders involve
Bullying has a negative impact on health and bullying has a negative impact on academics through the increased stress levels
Is your child ready for kindergarten?  The answer might not be academic.  Here are some parenting tips and education resources to help you make your decision.
You're probably used to making important resolutions for yourself when January 1st rolls around. This year, why not have your kid join in? The holiday season may mark the end of the calendar year, but half of the school year still lies ahead. For many studentsespecially those who may not exactly have hit the ground running in the fallit's a valuable opportunity to turn over a new leaf academically.
New research shows that teaching preschoolers both academic and social-emotional skills leads to greater school readiness overall.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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