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How does a child fail preschool? Find out why some children fail preschool, and more important, how to avoid it!
When it comes to kindergarten, you know the expectations for reading, writing, and math. But what about behavior? Here's what teachers expect from students.
We've searched high and low for new titles to entice even the most reluctant of middle school readers. Here are our list of favorites:
In search of some engrossing summer reads for your second grader? Look no further! We've combed the shelves for this solid gold list of second grade titles.
How can you celebrate your child's first day of school? Here are 5 creative and inexpensive ways you can kick off the new school year.
Practicing math facts this summer? Take some tips from the pros to make the process both fun and effective.
When it comes to going to school for the first time, kids and parents have lots of concerns. Here's a few tips on addressing you and your preschool worries.
Here are some tips to help your kindergartener deal with separation anxiety during the first days of school.
Some parents worry that learning the news about Santa Claus could cause significant emotional damage. What do the experts say about handling the Santa Question?
Want to get your child started down the road to a greener school? Here are the top 5 things kids can do to help green up their schools.
Here are ten easy, kid-friendly lunches guaranteed to sneak veggies into your child's diet without straining your budget.
Looking for a new backpack? This handy guide will show you the three most important things to consider when buying your child a bag before going back to school.
From in-home to online sessions, various types of tutoring are available. Where to start when it comes to finding the right tutor for your child?
You've read the kindergarten readiness checklist and your child has been doing everything on it for over a year now. Will kindergarten be too easy?
Is your child ready for kindergarten reading? Here are the 10 skills he needs in order to succeed.
Is your child going to a new school? Here are 10 things you should plan on when it comes to easing your child's back to school anxiety.
Make a healthy self-serve station in your refrigerator and have control over what your family is snacking on. Start by making these delicious snacks!
Back to school season can be tough for shy children, but parents can take concrete steps to help their shrinking violets to blossom. Here's how.
Browse holidays & seasons educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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