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Does your child have obsessive-compulsive disorder? Here's what you need to know about OCD in children.
Transitioning to preschool is a big deal. Here's how to ease your child’s fears about starting preschool.
Here's some advice from the experts on the serious issue of self-harm, a teen trend on the rise.
From his first step to his first sentence, you've been championing your son's growth and development. Now it's time to pass the torch to his preschool teacher.
Here's a list of expert Do's and Don'ts when your child says she doesn't want to go back to school.
Your daughter is 15, but seems more to you like 50.  You wonder, worry, and find yourself labeling her a loner.  Here's what to do.
Bibliotherapy is a big word to describe the process of using books to help children work through real-life problems.  Here's a guide for parents.
Sure, kids can identify strong feelings. But we sometimes overlook the importance of adding depth and breadth to our children's emotional vocabulary.
Here are some expert tips for helping your child overcome debilitating emotions and enjoy a positive back to school start.
Is fear of the boogey man keeping your child up at night? Here are some tips for soothing his fears and nightmares, and ensuring a good night's sleep.
Why do school shootings happen, and what can we do to prevent them?
Here are some techniques for helping your child overcome homework anxiety.
Is your child frequently distracted when doing homework? Here are some expert tips on how to reduce those homework headaches.
The only thing more painful than not getting asked to prom? Watching your daughter sit home dateless when she'd rather be the belle of the ball.
Help your child overcome social problems at school with opportunities for children to practice being in different kinds of social situations. Here's how:
Parents may try many strategies for taming their child's fears. What's the best way to erase childhood fears and help your child get back on track?
Introverts are people who prefer to be alone, rather than surrounded by friends. Here's what parents of introverted children need to know.
Here are answers to common questions about separation anxiety.
Browse anxiety educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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