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If you want your preschooler to develop courage, help her learn to face the things she fears most. Here's how.
Whatever a child's fears, parents can use this four-step process to help pave the way into the school year.
Is your child shy?  Could your pushing be causing him anxiety and to withdraw even more?  Practical parenting tips on helping your shy child.
For some children, the holidays are one the most difficult times of the year. Figuring out if your kids are hiding depression can be difficult but important.
Here is expert advice to help a child who is anxious about going back to school.
Summarizes three groups of emotional disorders that are characterized by externalizing behaviors, internalizing behaviors, and low incidence disorders.
I have noticed that lately my four-year-old son will not do anything that requires him to be away from me. Is there something wrong with him? What can I do?
Parenting advice on helping kids prepare for a big exam. Here's how to make sure they don't freeze up when the big moment arrives.
If your child is showing signs of depression, it might have to do with something you never thought of... sleep.
Did you know that YOU'RE the secret to raising your kid's confidence? Find out five ways to boost his self-esteem.
These two things go hand in hand. Learn how you can nurture these qualities in your child and help her grow into a happy, confident adult.
The first 18 years of your child's life is sure to be her most influential and developmental. Check out these basic milestones for children through the years, and find tips on how to nurture growth.
When a preschooler plays, he's learning all kinds of skills and lessons! Here are nine types of play and how to spot them.
These ideas will get your preschooler chattering away.
Examines three general areas that can contribute to emotional or behavioral disorders (EBD): biology, home and community, and school as well as steps to
This article discusses family factors that are related to the emotional/behavioral disoders (EBD) such as family composition and child maltreatment.
Discusses the importance of empathy and how we can streghten our ability to be empathic.
Browse anxiety educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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