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A bombshell rocked the medical community on Thursday: the American Psychiatric Association announced that a panel of experts would be analyzing the definition of autism for the Diagnostic and Statistical . . .
Discusses in depth the functional behavior assessment to assess children who exhibits challenging behaviors to see whether they have autism spectrum disorders.
A new report says every child should be screened for autism twice before the age of two. What does this means for parents?
Discusses ways to help children with Asperger syndrome understand the 'hidden curriculum,' which includes assumed rules, proper social behaviors, & idioms.
Discusses the three types of social narratives that provide direct instruction of social situations for children on the autism spectrum. Read on to learn more.
Parental input and developmental history are very important components of making an accurate diagnosis. Learn more about Diagnostic Tools and Screening
Diagnosing autism can be tricky. But, as one mother attests, an accurate diagnosis can mean early intervention and recovery.
Learn how to use the Pivotal Response Treatment, an approach that focuses on motivation in core areas, to help your autistic child.
Important social and emotional deficits characteristic of children with autism include a lack of joint attention skills and showing less empathy.
On April 2, 2009, the Autism Treatment Acceleration Act was introduced in Senate. Here's what you need to know about how it could affect the autism community.
Provides ten life skills that people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) need including social relationships, sensory processing, communication, and more.
At school, the lack of social development in autistic children makes them a target for bullies. Find out more about bullying and autism, and how you can end it.
Provides useful interventions for teachers on how to manage classroom behaviors of students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  Gives detailed guidelines on
It is important to look beyond the behavior of a student with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). When they misbehave in school it could be they were bullied or
Learn how you can help your child better understand the world.
Give guidelines to parents and educators regarding assessing a child for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) including when is the right time to do the assessment
Discusses in depth the roles and duties of a paraprofessional including who they are, what they do, and how effectively they help children with autism learn.
Improve your child's focus and social skills with these strategies.
Browse autism spectrum disorders educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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