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We've combed the shelves for new summer titles. Here are the ones that really knocked our socks off.
By introducing kids to science fiction, you can open up their minds and teach them the power of innovation. Here are some tips for raising a sci-fi kids.
We've combed the shelves for new titles to spice up summer reading. Here's our list of favorites:
These 50 books, both old and new, make a top-notch reading that young kinders shouldn't miss.
We've searched high and low for new titles to entice even the most reluctant of middle school readers. Here are our list of favorites:
Here's a teacher's guide to the best books for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade.
Here are 10 read-aloud books that are both enjoyable and hit on some key issues first graders may be dealing with.
We've combed the shelves for new titles that have what it takes to engage fourth grade readers all summer long. Here's our list of favorites.
What makes a good read for a toddler and what are some of the best books for young children? Here are our top picks.
Looking for summer reading ideas? Here are our picks for a solid gold summer of reading with your preschooler.
In search of some engrossing summer reads for your second grader? Look no further! We've combed the shelves for this solid gold list of second grade titles.
We've cracked open hundreds of new titles to bring you this list of fail-safe favorites for first grade summer reading.
Here are four brand new titles that will turn your kindergartener on to reading, and make for a wonderful summer together.
Time is a hard concept for preschoolers. Here's how parents can help young children at home with fun activities and strategies to teach the concept of time.
Independent bookstores everywhere say they offer a true and meaningful customer experience.
Battle of the Books is an annual competition that gets kids excited about reading comprehension. Avid readers will love this new organization!
Giving children an appreciation for art encourages exploration, imagination, and creativity. Here's how to get started building art appreciation for kids.
Read these timeless children's books with your child for a memorable activity and a trip down memory lane.
Browse books for children educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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