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Usually kids struggling with reading just need a little extra time.  In the meantime, here some parenting tips that can help.
As children grow into teens, they're ready for new reading challenges. Here are five teen-friendly 'adult' books to get them going.
Want to get your toddler excited about books that don't put him to sleep? Check out our favorite interactive books, both old and new.
Here are five compelling and thought-provoking novels that will widen your child's perspective of the world and the future.
As the holiday season moves into full swing and kids are home from school, it's easy to forget to keep learning going. Here's what you can do:
The 'Little House on the Prairie' books made Laura Ingalls Wilder a favorite children's author. Visit her historic homesteads for an educational adventure.
It's a golden age for adult nonfiction, but engaging juvenile nonfiction is also on the rise. Here are five fantastic fact-filled books for kids.
Transitioning to preschool is a big deal. Here's how to ease your child’s fears about starting preschool.
Stumped for the perfect gift for your grad? These six books take kids from grade school to grown-up with insights that will stay with them for years.
According to this high school English teacher all the Harry Potter clubs, Internet groups, book release parties, and hype leaves something to be desired.
Help foster your child's curiosity about the world using Curious George as a role model. Here's how to make your child more curious about the world around her.
These six books offer unique and captivating perspectives into the turbulence of 1950s and 1960s Black America.
These four books may be new titles, but they preserve the essence of the Halloween book: imagination, mystery, and the un-dead!
It's a fact: kids love dinosaurs. But why? And what can learning dinosaurs teach curious kids?
A writer blogging from Antarctica hopes to pique the interest of captive youngsters in the sciences.
Here's a list of great books to take on your next camping trip with your family.
Watching a film adapted from a book is odd: we hope to see the world we imagined in our heads.  Sometimes we're disappointed; sometimes pleasantly surprised.
A list of easy reading fiction books for a fourth grade student. These books may be written on a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade level but are at interest levels
Browse books for children educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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