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Sleepaway camps can be a great experience that helps kids build independence, social skills and a love of the outdoors. But for a kid who is homesick at summer camp, it can be a tough week to live through. But this shouldn't deter you or your child, says Gregg Parker, owner and director of Camp Waziyatah in Waterford, Maine. 'Don’t let fear rule the day,' he says. 'You shouldn’t force your child into camp, but encourage them strongly so they don’t back out of something that will be wonderful and a great experience for them.” Learn how you can help your child make summer camp one to remember ... for all the right reasons!
Looking for camp care package ideas? Look no further! We've got five great camp care package ideas. Whatever your kid is into, we've got you covered.
Summer camp care package ideas are no longer centered around sugar and artificial flavors. Many camps have banned candy, baked good, chips and other junk food items from care packages. In fact, they have folks digging through the mail because parents sometimes try to sneak something sweet to their sons and daughters despite the new rules. Don't be that parent! A week or two without junk can be a good thing for your kid, and you can show how much you care with a different kind of care package. Check out these seven ideas for cool boxes of wholesome fun to send your camper this summer!
There are plenty of choices for summer camp out there, and academic camp is just one type. Sending your kid to spend a summer week with extra schoolwork sounds equally effective and punishing. Read this list of academic camp's pros and cons to decide if it's a good decision for your child.
Finding the perfect summer camp for your child can be an overwhelming task.  Here are some practical tips to make the camp experience rewarding and memorable.
This agricultural organization offers kids real live examples of math and science, as well as offering career development help and scholarships to teens.
The Girl Scouts organization has not only grown in numbers - it has also adapted to give girls new opportunities, no matter the times.
Recent studies suggest that after school programs do more than just keep kids occupied during the afternoon.
Here are some great camp activities that you can try at home this summer.
Tips for arranging a solid and stress-free schedule for your child this summer.
Studies have shown that wilderness programs strengthen psychological resilience. Here are two ways parents can get their kids outward bound.
Your children could learn a lot at peace camp – and you’ll have peace of mind in knowing they still got their s’mores, too. Here are our picks for peace camps:
If your child dreams of being the next Indiana Jones, one of these archeology camps may be just the getaway she - and your lawn - needs.
Creating confident, responsible, and principled individuals is Scouting's mission - and a parent's goal. Here's how to give your child's life skills a boost:
If you've got an outer space case in your home, forget about traditional summer camps.Who needs kickball and macramé when kids can blast off to space camp?
Summer camp is a time-honored tradition for kids, but economic uncertainty means less money for sleep-away excursions. Help your child enjoy camp without the hefty price tag with these tips for DIY camping at home.
Browse camp and summer enrichment educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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