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You've heard of obesity in children, but what about newborns? New evidence suggests that environmental chemicals may be making our babies fatter.
Chef Jamie Oliver is teaming up with parents to combat obesity in schools by providing healthy meal and snack options for kids, and eliminating processed food from the cafeteria. Here are ways you can get involved in the Food Revolution.
Another day, another junk food debate; from boycotting bake sales to banning sodas, many educators have joined the national fight against obesity. But should junk food be banned at schools?
Reading too much? It doesn't sound like a problem parents worry about, but reading too much causes eye strain and vision problems, even for kids.
Thirty years ago, a kid with type 2 diabetes was really rare. More and more children are labeled 'obese' every year, and it's up to parents to make the lifestyle changes necessary for preventing diabetes.
With the millions of American children who suffer from asthma, people are exploring new and different ways to treat the disease. Changes to your diet may help.
A new partnership between the Coca-Cola Company and the American Academy of Family Physicians is making some people uncomfortable.
Toddlers are known to crave independence, and your little guy is no exception. Give him the freedom he wants and ensure he gets the shut-eye he needs by tackling these toddler sleep problems.
A new study suggests that early puberty is occurring in girls as young as first grade. Here's what parents need to know about this startling trend.
You may be wary of your child being plugged-in, but there can be an upside to his wired ways. Get these tips to use educational media to your kid's advantage.
Here are some tips and healthy snack suggestions to keep kids healthy over the summer.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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