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Are you tired of the same old Thanksgiving cliches? Here's a few activities to help your family truly appreciate the celebration of this holiday.
Preparing the food for the Seder plate can be a family affair and is a great way for young children to learn the traditions of Passover.
Here are five great ideas to help your child understand the people at the first Thanksgiving and the reasons why they were so thankful.
Looking for creative gifts your kids can make themselves? These gifts are as fun to make as they are to receive.
Passover is a great excuse to revel in all things new and fresh. From making your own chocolate matzo bark, to making the sedar kid-friendly, here's advice.
While the general public gets to enjoy the holiday season with reckless abandon, real-life moms are often slower to celebrate. Sure, the holidays mean…
Here are a few different ways to express your love for your child and ease her fears of what may or may not happen on Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to teach your child how to express love and appreciation for others.
The central theme of Mardi Gras is fun - and that's something that kids of all ages can really get behind. Here's how to throw a fun Mardi Gras party.
Here are some fun facts on the fascinating lore and tradition that surrounds Saint Patrick's Day.
Introduce your child to the history behind Independence Day. Here's how to build learning opportunities this 4th of July.
Jewish and non-Jewish children alike can appreciate an overview of Passover's rich symbolism. Here's a guide to help get your started.
Shepherd's pie is a staple of Irish traditional cooking thanks to the trusty potato, which was adopted by Ireland as a food crop in 1780.
Here's a traditional recipe for potato latkes that your family is sure to enjoy this holiday season:
Ditch the boring card idea, this year it's all about sending mom on a wild (and fun) goose chase to find all her gifts.
You love your family, but if you live far away, it can be hard to stay in touch. Parenting advice on how to keep your family close, even if you live far away.
Here are three easy, edible projects that will have your house looking festive, smelling wonderful, and full of the Christmas spirit.
The stress of the holidays can have parents in a tinseled tizzy, but if you stick to some key priorities and avoid sweating the small stuff, you can upgrade your seasons greetings from feverish festivities to family-centered fun. Sidestep these common stumbling blocks and you'll be making happy holiday memories in no time.
Browse holiday celebrations educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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