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Did you hear the one about the class clown who giggled her way to better health and stronger relationships?  Keeping the laughter in your child's life.
Did you know that YOU'RE the secret to raising your kid's confidence? Find out five ways to boost his self-esteem.
Find out what stage of moral development your child is in.
Children have a difficult time with delayed gratification, but this is an important skill that will help them develop emotional strength of character.
Faith communities must work to heal the guilt that sometimes surrounds sexuality, since spiritual wholeness includes making life-affirming sexual decisions.
Children are expected to adapt and conform with morality and social convention, which are two forms of social regulation.
The article discusses the importance of beliefs and value structures in families. Children's beliefs, attitudes, and values can closely relate to those of
Summarizes self regulation and the importance of supporting its development as this will positively affect children's social competence and success in school.
Discusses the five basic categories of methodology of character education: teaching values through rules, models, moral stories, and problem solving.
Read how children’s personalities are the result of heredity and environmental factors such as parental influence and cultural expectations.
Children exhibiting emotional regulation skills usually adjust well to new people and situations, show a high tolerance for frustration, control their negative
Kohlberg's levels and stages of moral reasoning along with the expected age range in which these develop in children and adults.
Describes processes adults use to directly and indirectly influence children including modeling, direct instruction, coaching and giving feedback.
Too often, kids and parents tangle over who’s responsible for what chore around the house. But experts say to look beyond the individual chore at hand. That’s
Children with good values and responsibility grow up to be valued and responsive human beings. We offer some strategies to prepare children for changing times.
Here is a list of activities parents can do with kids to help them become responsible citizens.
Browse character development educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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