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Teaching basic hygiene concepts to children at a young age will form the groundwork of a healthy lifestyle in the future. Here's how parents can do it.
Reading too much? It doesn't sound like a problem parents worry about, but reading too much causes eye strain and vision problems, even for kids.
Playground safety has some alarming stats. Learn the three guidelines to avoiding child injuries on playground sets.
As a new generation of avid computer users grows, ergonomic experts say parents need to start encouraging good habits now.
Before heading to the drug store to cure your little one's cold, try these natural remedies.
Can your kid tie his shoes? Brush his teeth? As kids move to kindergarten, they're expected to do more on their own. These 7 things encourage independence.
Kids are germ magnets, and tiny immune systems are susceptible to sickness. So which toddler illnesses call for a doctor visit, and which can be cured at home?
What are the benefits of letting children go barefoot? You might be surprised. Here's what you need to know about the benefits of bare feet in children.
Swine Flu is potentially problematic for any child. Here's what parents need to know about the dangers posed to their families.
What's a parent seeking a long-term relationship with a great pediatrician to do?  Practical parenting advice on finding the perfect doctor for your child.
Ergonomics and school. Parenting advice on how to create homework spaces and work habits that help your child.
Did you know that where you live could determine your child's well-being?
If you've got a picky eater, you probably count on vitamin supplements to make up the nutrition difference. But what if those kids' vitamins were doing more harm than good?
Examines how kids with visual and hearing impairments interact with peers, how their disabilities limit social experiences, and feelings of social competence.
You've heard of obesity in children, but what about newborns? New evidence suggests that environmental chemicals may be making our babies fatter.
These days, there’s no need to suffer from acne in silence. Today’s teens have an arsenal of acne-fighting choices that are safe and effective. Here's what's new.
A life-threatening childhood illness can strike without warning and devastate a parent.  While no magic wand can make your troubles disappear, there is help.
Browse health and wellness for children educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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