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What are the worst kids foods out there? Not coincidentally, many of them are the ones that are the most aggressively marketed to kids. Read this list of the top 10 worst foods to put in a kid's lunch box this school, put together by nutrition expert Brandi Thompson. Not only will you learn what so-called treats to avoid, but you will also learn about many healthy alternatives that your kid may enjoy just as much!
Raise healthy children without the 'D word': diet!
As a parent, it's no secret that fast food isn't ideal - but sometimes it's the only option! Find out how to navigate the drive-thru with healthier fast food.
Here's what parents need to know about taking their children to restaurants.
Eco-friendly, reusable lunch bags are making 'brown bagging it' a near obsolete trend, but recent research suggests that harmful bacteria may be festering in these green bags.
Sports drinks and flavored milk are everyday beverage choices for most kids, but are they doing more harm than good?
Know about the latest new-age foods? Better catch up!
If you're raising a child with a vegetarian or vegan diet, you should pay special attention to make sure he has plenty of these nutrients.
Strawberries, peaches and grapes are healthy, kid-approved additions to any diet. But are they all safe?
When kindergarteners help out in the kitchen, they're learning math, science, reading, and social skills.
From getting kids involved in the kitchen to sneaking in pureed carrots, here are 9 ways to encourage kids to eat and enjoy their vegetables.
A recent study says kids who eat less salt tend to drink fewer sugar-sweetened soft drinks.
If you're like most parents, getting your kids to eat their vegetables is a tall order. Here's a unique approach that just might get the job done.
Studies show that children who eat healthy lunches tend to learn better. See how parents can help their kids make healthier choices at the lunch line.
Need ideas for how to get your child's eating habits under control? Here's how.
Sure, sandwiches are fine. But why not enlist your child to help create their own lunchbox entree with these three easy baking recipes?
According to Nutrition Action Healthletter, not all foods are created equal. There are many delicious healthy options for parents to give their children.
Make school lunches a kid-friendly and nutritious meal with three school snacks. Here's how to make pizza muffins, healthy hummus, and chicken wraps.
Browse healthy eating strategies educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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