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Many parents see art as secondary to academics.  Art cultivates imagination and creativity, but it also hones critical-thinking and problem-solving.
Why experts say the study of history shouldn't be 'left behind.'
In an age where preschool admission is competitive and eighth graders worry about padding their college resumes, creativity tends to get short shrift.
Here are our picks of the best toys, books, gadgets, and other goodies to bring learning to life.
Experts say parents should nurture their child's appreciation and enjoyment of music.
For many families, the grade is the goal. But what do those letters really mean? And do they really do any good?
The British Government wants every child to participate in five hours of sport every week. Would a push like this work in the United States and should it?
Toss that text book. Here are four great ways to turn your child into a punctuation stickler.
Do schools suppress your child's creativity? Read one point of view that supports the claim and three common teacher mistakes that may affect your child.
The last thing parents want around the house is another plastic toy that gets thrown aside after a few uses.  Why not give a gift that stands out?
Art is important in all areas of an early learning program. Read on to learn how art can enhance young children's understanding of math, science and language.
During play, children increase their social competence and emotional maturity. This article outlines other chief reasons why play is so vital for kids.
Play dough can enhance children's cognitive development, fine motor skills, language development, and science and mathematical understanding.
Do-it-yourself Easter decorations worthy of a spot at the Smithsonian!
New research shows that children who participate in physical educationl class aren't only healthier, they're also higher achievers.
Should you let your kid light a fire? Play with knives? Dismantle your appliances? Gever Tulley of the summer program The Tinkering School, says yes.
Research indicates that early association with classical music can increase children’s enjoyment of music as an art form!
The concepts of creativity, imagination and innovation are explained in this easy to read article on creativity and arts in education.
Browse creativity educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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