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Do you know which snack food ingredients are good, and which just sound good? Get the facts on the most common snack food ingredients and marketing buzzwords.
Raise healthy children without the 'D word': diet!
Think twice before you reach for that soda. The latest research says high-fructose corn syrup could be a contributing factor in America's obesity epidemic.
As a parent, it's no secret that fast food isn't ideal - but sometimes it's the only option! Find out how to navigate the drive-thru with healthier fast food.
Strawberries, peaches and grapes are healthy, kid-approved additions to any diet. But are they all safe?
If you're raising a child with a vegetarian or vegan diet, you should pay special attention to make sure he has plenty of these nutrients.
A recent study says kids who eat less salt tend to drink fewer sugar-sweetened soft drinks.
Studies show that children who eat healthy lunches tend to learn better. See how parents can help their kids make healthier choices at the lunch line.
Here are some tips for finding healthy snack options.
Go green with your family and do something cool for a hot planet.
Consumers can easily be confused or misled by supposedly healthy labeling. So what do those labels really mean, and can you trust them?
Schools can't really provide gourmet fare, but we’d like our kids to have nutritious meals.  Here's how to get involved in your child's school lunch program.
Few teens are getting the nine hours of sleep per night that researchers say they need. Here's what you can you do about it.
Get some need-to-know info gluten sensitivity along with some tips on how to make stay happy and healthy while being gluten free.
States are starting to demand chain restaurants put calorie counts on menus. But will a side of nutritional information really keep your family healthy?
A new study says kids who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. Here's why, plus a great recipe for healthy cereal bars.
Which fish belong on your plate, and which should you avoid? Between safety issues and overfishing, there's a lot to consider before you catch a bite.
June is National Dairy Month! How much dairy do you need to do your body good?
Browse nutrition information educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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