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Integrating science into familiar settings can bring the magic of science to life. Here are some fun ways to introduce your preschooler to science at the park.
What if creative play was being eroded by toy companies and media conglomerates focused on profit? One expert suggests that's exactly what's happening.
Playing games can be a great way to learn, and the middle years are no exception. Here are 8 cool games sure to kick learning into high gear.
According to a recent report, most teens feel unprepared for careers in technology and engineering. Here's how you can help.
Here are our picks of the best toys, books, gadgets, and other goodies to bring learning to life.
Here are great ideas to turn your preschooler's romp at the playground into a fun-filled adventure in science.
The British Government wants every child to participate in five hours of sport every week. Would a push like this work in the United States and should it?
Concrete play is any kind of tangible, hands-on play where your child uses his body or hands to manipulate things.  A guide to why it's so important.
Examines the relationship of theory to social play including cognitive-developmental theory, psychosocial theory, and sociocultural theory.
Miniature golf isn't just fun and games; it can be a learning opportunity too. Use these tips to teach coordination, timing, and good sportsmanship.
An overview of developmentally appropriate block play.
During play, children increase their social competence and emotional maturity. This article outlines other chief reasons why play is so vital for kids.
Christmas Eve is just around the corner. And here at Education.com, we've got a mailbox full of goodies. Here are our picks for stuffing your kids' stockings.
Compares differences between how mothers and fathers play with their young children and the role of caregivers in infant-toddler play in child-care settings.
Play dough can enhance children's cognitive development, fine motor skills, language development, and science and mathematical understanding.
Modern toys come complete with a hefty price tag. Curb your spending by building out a DIY toy box full of recycled, educational playthings for your baby.
As a new parent, you've heard conflicting advice about the best toys for your baby. Get the scoop on playing it safe (and fun) with these tips.
Browse learning and play educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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