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Should you encourage your child to participate in a spelling bee? This article discusses what sorts of skills a spelling bee hones and why to get involved.
The ancient practice of martial arts is no passing trend. And it can do wonders for children - not just physically, but mentally as well.
A new initiative is aiming to get girls engaged, giving them the opportunities and encouragement they need to succeed.
Here are four ways that parents can help raise their child's self esteem.
Creating confident, responsible, and principled individuals is Scouting's mission - and a parent's goal. Here's how to give your child's life skills a boost:
Ideas for helping a child who wets the bed maintain self-esteem.
Peer support can be a crucial factor in preventing bullying. Find out how educators and parents can organize peer support and reduce bullying in schools.
Should you let your kid light a fire? Play with knives? Dismantle your appliances? Gever Tulley of the summer program The Tinkering School, says yes.
A new trend in teenage sleepovers is causing parents to wonder when this rite of passage became a matter of right or wrong. The issue? Coed slumber parties.
Women make up 46% of the American workforce, but they account for only 24% of jobs in science, technology, and engineering. Why the disparity?
Many magazines offer content about how to look 'good,' but they may also negatively impact teens' body image. Read on to learn more.
As our economy goes global, math, science, and technology are bigger than ever - and these fields are precisely those in which girls have been traditionally underrepresented.
This article discusses ways in which educators can build positive relationships with their students.
Discusses Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how it provides a model for understanding the need for human relations in the classroom.
More teens are turning to plastic surgery to 'fix' the flaws that bother them. Here's parenting advice for discussing risks and uncovering underlying issues.
Summarizes common causes and antecedents of bullying behavior as well as recommended interventions to decrease bullying incidents.
Browse self-esteem educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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