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America is facing an obesity epidemic. So why are school cafeterias dishing out delivery pizza and brand-name burgers?
Think twice before you reach for that soda. The latest research says high-fructose corn syrup could be a contributing factor in America's obesity epidemic.
Raise healthy children without the 'D word': diet!
If you're raising a child with a vegetarian or vegan diet, you should pay special attention to make sure he has plenty of these nutrients.
Healthy eating during the holidays is hard for everyone, especially children. Teach your child how to stay healthy this holiday season with these eight tips.
The British Government wants every child to participate in five hours of sport every week. Would a push like this work in the United States and should it?
This is thought to be the first generation of children with a shorter lifespan than their parents.  How do we turn this trend around?
If you are concerned about your child developing unhealthy eating habits, or gaining excess weight, it might be time to put them on a television diet.
Experts say keeping physical education in schools can improve cognitive abilities and overall mental and physical health.
The latest statistics indicate that kids today are more overweight than they have ever been before. What's a parent to do?
Schools are taking the fight against obesity to new levels.
A recent study says kids who eat less salt tend to drink fewer sugar-sweetened soft drinks.
Blacktop hopscotch and kickball games may soon go the way of slates and abacuses in public schools.  How parents can help save recess.
Emotional eating is a huge factor in weight gain and with childhood obesity rates constantly climbing, it's important for parents to know how to be in the know.
The numbers are scary. Since the 1970s, the percentage of overweight preschoolers has more than doubled, and it’s more than tripled in 6-11 year olds.
You can join the effort to combat the child obesity crisis, and ensure the health of your own children, with these expert tips and resources.
First Lady Michelle Obama announces that she will be leading the national effort against childhood obesity.
Weight bullying or teasing happens to a lot of people in many different places âin school, at home, and even between friends.  This article give excellent tips
Browse obesity prevention educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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