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New nutrition guidelines announce that school meals need to reduce sodium, add fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and include a cap on calories.
This article describes childhood obesity and being overweight.  It provides an overview of prevention strategies and tips for reversing obesity in children.
A new study says kids who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. Here's why, plus a great recipe for healthy cereal bars.
Unhand that low-fat brownie! Resist that baked potato chip! A new study shows that reduced fat food may be making us fat.
Recent attempts to bring school nutrition policies into the 21st century fail despite rising obesity rates.
As a new parent, you may know what age is optimal to begin weaning your baby off the breast or bottle, but how do you introduce your little one to solids? Get the skinny on different approaches; and why baby-led feeding looks so good.
Learn from an expert in the field how parents can model healthy eating and activity behaviors for their children
Today, the food industry markets aggressively advertise children's food in magazines, via the Internet, through cell phones and text messages, in video and
The key causes of childhood obesity are lack of exercise, poor diet, technology addiction, and lack of sleep.
What are the different ways that obesity is treated surgically? Is surgery the answer? Hear from an expert in the field.
Learn here the various health risks associated with childhood overweight and obesity.
Talking to children about weight, health and lifestyle changes doesn't have to be embarrassing and upsetting. Here are nine ways to handle the weighty issue from a productive standpoint.
What are some of the factors that contribute to current trends in childhood obesity? Learn more here.
Want some quick tips for incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine? Here are 10 ways for parents and kids to foster a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Thirty years ago, a kid with type 2 diabetes was really rare. More and more children are labeled 'obese' every year, and it's up to parents to make the lifestyle changes necessary for preventing diabetes.
What if I am concerned about my child's weight? Find out some tips and strategies from an expert in the field here.
How does what we eat affect our body's biochemistry? This is what an expert says.
The path to a healthy body image is tough to navigate when we see exaggerated examples of beauty wherever we turn. Here are seven ways to help your child appreciate her own beauty.
Browse obesity prevention educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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