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If the closest your child gets to the natural, wild world is watching 'Planet Earth' it's time to reconnect him with his roots. Get our tips for closing the gap between children and nature.
Got a kid who's never been camping before? Ease her fears with this collection that shows getting closer to nature can be fun and a precious memory.
Here's our essential guide to all things preschool science, plus expert book picks to make learning fun!
A day spent outdoors in the garden offers a host of benefits for kids. Gardening activities boost physical fitness, strengthen family bonds and foster an understanding of plant and water cycles. You don't need a farm or big backyard to garden with your kid. Try these fun 'urban gardening' ideas to bring the benefits of gardening to even the most modest locales. You may be planting actual seeds, but you may also plant seeds of knowledge or a new passion in your little one!
Today's children are more nature deprived than ever. What are the consequences and what can parents do about it?
Celebrate the summer weather with this collection of easy, natural crafts for kids that kick start creativity and recycle things found in nature.
Here are 7 activities and crafts with a snowy theme to keep kids busy during winter weather, whether inside or out.
Family camping can be easy and fun if you do it right, even for first-time campers. Get some family camping tips right here!
For an increasing number of children, play just isn't taking place, and the consequences for child development may be severe.
Step up the geography education outside the classroom with these 10 fun ideas.
What do kids really gain from working and playing in the garden? Here are the skills that kindergarteners learn from all that digging.
Letterboxing is a great way to go on an outdoor treasure hunt that combines creativity, problem-solving and family friendly fun.
While Thoreau's ideas may seem too big for the mind of a child, who better than a young person to understand the wisdom of a man celebrated for living simply?
Here are some ideas to get reluctant kids outside.
Is your child losing interest in the park?  Here are some fresh ideas for the fresh air.
Here are some ways to turn a hike into an educational adventure.
How do you get kids to plant, grow, harvest and cook their own healthy food? Just ask star chef, Alice Waters.
Need some inspiration for sunny summer reading? Here√Ęs a list of 18 books that are perfect for reading outside.
Browse nature and the outdoors educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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