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No matter the size of your garden or what you plant, get your hands dirty with the kids. The fun will keep growing all summer long.
Children love to play outdoors. Here's a list of great outdoor activities that will keep the mind and body in top form this summer.
If your teen has a taste for treasure, technology, or just a love of adventure, then 'geocaching' might be just the thing.
If you're like most parents, getting your kids to eat their vegetables is a tall order. Here's a unique approach that just might get the job done.
Here are 8 great outdoor games to make your next picnic an exciting event.
With spring here at last, and summer in view, it's a great time to begin plunging into fun outdoor activities that the whole family can take part in and enjoy.
Whether you're a wilderness guide or an urban cowboy, the thought of taking your kids camping may give you pause. Here's what you need to know:
Whether you plan to sleep in a tent or a cabin, leaving the comforts of home can be an adventure in and of itself with your preschooler.  Here's what to do.
Consider mixing up the summer beach fun with a few activities that go beyond Frisbee and building sandcastles. Here are ideas to help you get started!
Botanical gardens can be magical places for children, offering wonderful smells, beautiful colors and best of all, the chance to get good and grubby!
Kids love playgrounds, but Mother Nature provides something even better: miles of woods and fields to walk through. Find out the benefits of a good hike!
The ten actions parents must take to prevent Nature Deficit Disorder and promote healthier lifestyles for children.
Longing to taste the timeless sweetness of real maple syrup?  Why not make your own?
The push for environmental education in school and at home is gaining momentum. Here's what you need to know about this important movement.
Why suffer through crowded trails and vistas, when you can visit a park that's virtually empty? We've got five national parks that are prime for exploration.
Whether it's studying marine life or the old wild west, or screaming down a roller-coaster, here are five top destinations for summer family fun.
Want an activity to get the kids outside, help the ecosystem and improve the scenery in your backyard? Here's a guide for planting a butterfly garden.
This summer, enjoy amazing parts of the country at any of these beautiful underutilized national parks.
Browse nature and the outdoors educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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