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Here are three fun activities you can do this summer to get your family outside, without breaking the bank.
Here are seven top-notch campgrounds you may not know about...yet!
Your children could learn a lot at peace camp – and you’ll have peace of mind in knowing they still got their s’mores, too. Here are our picks for peace camps:
Fun in the sun doesn't have to a break from learning. As the weather heats up, educational toys can help sharpen your child's skills as he plays in the backyard. Find out our picks for the best summer toys.
Turn your yard into an animal-friendly hangout. You'll teach your kids an important lesson about environmental stewardship.
So you want to be better about helping the environment and admire those who live green lifestyles, but you aren't ready to indulge in tofu and plant a community garden? Find out about the small changes that can make a big environmental difference!
OK, so it's not exactly earth-shattering news: trees are essential for human life. As important as trees are, most of us take them for granted. Sure, they offer a shady spot for a picnic and give lovers . . .
If your child dreams of being the next Indiana Jones, one of these archeology camps may be just the getaway she - and your lawn - needs.
This article outlines the various health and emotional benefits of nature for adults and children. Tips for getting outdoors are included.
Examines the benefits of outdoor play for young children, the importance of protecting this right and the history of outdoor playgrounds.
Reading, usually an outdoor activity can inspire a child's love of nature. Similarly, being outdoors can get kids excited to read! Learn how.
This article describes how children's mental health is negatively affected by not spending enough time outside. Included are easy activities to reduce stress.
The more you know about your local community, the better able you will be to reduce your impact on the environment. Some tips to get to know your environment.
Deaf and hard of hearing children can safely enjoy canoeing and communing with nature on the river. Tips on getting your kids to love canoeing
Learn about a community program that teaches urban teens to appreciate nature and foster their environmental awareness, scholarship, and stewardship.
Help your child plan for a job in the science, technology, education, and mathematics by giving them formative outdoor experiences during childhood.
Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology can entice children to go outside and explore nature. Here are some great ways to use GPS with your kids.
Raising insects at home is a fun way to learn about life cycles, the ecosystem, and metamorphosis. This article presents some great tips for butterflies and
Browse nature and the outdoors educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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