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A great start to the school year also means the healthiest start possible. Here are some essential health-related tips to keep in mind.
Does your child have a rock star pediatrician, or a doctor who isn't cutting it? Find out if it's time to kick her to the curb ... and how to do it.
Having a kid in the hospital is never an easy situation to handle. Learn what you can do to minimize your child's anxiety during a stay in the hospital.
Is your child sneezing already? A flu shot can help. Check out these four tips to help your child get over a fear of flu shots and vaccines.
What's a parent seeking a long-term relationship with a great pediatrician to do?  Practical parenting advice on finding the perfect doctor for your child.
Your 6-month-old's finally starting to show signs of her personalityĆ¢and an awareness of what's happening at the doctor's office. Calm your infant immunization worries with these tips.
Your 3 to 6-month-old baby's now big enough to stress at the thought of an impending trip to the doctor for a vaccination or blood draw. Ease his worry about baby vaccines with these tips.
You're almost done with toddler shots! You're brave baby is older now, so the same soothing tricks may no longer work. Find out how to quell her fears with these age-appropriate tactics.
Ready for the last major round of vaccinations before kindergarten? Your little one is more aware now, making trips to the doctor tearful and tricky to navigate. Calm the worries with these baby immunization tips.
Now that you're at the one-year mark, baby vaccinations are almost through! Here's some tips to get through your last round of immunizations.
Whether you're vaccinating on schedule or not, chances are that your baby will experience some type of blood draw, pin prick or immunization during the first few months of life. Calm your vaccination fears with these tips.
Are you up-to-date on the shots your youngster needs to stay healthy? Learn what vaccines are recommended for children.
As a parent, how can you keep your kid healthy? Keep these ideas in mind as you get your child vaccinated.
Help your child stay healthy and happy! Keep up-to-date with which vaccines he's already gotten and which ones are on the horizon.
It's the scene that you've dreamed about since you became pregnant: the moment where you meet your baby for the first time and enjoy a blissfully short hospital stay before whisking him home to meet the . . .
Browse doctors and children educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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