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Teachers must give their students tools to help them determine the accuracy and reliability of internet sources.  Suggestions are provided.
Learn more about important Internet safety facts.
Recently, iKeepSafe and Reputation Defenders teamed-up to address the topic of online reputations -- your child's, or your own.  Here a are a few Q&A tips that
How to you prevent cyberbullying at school? Experts say a whole-school response is key to stopping and preventing cyberbullying and keeping students safe.
Cyberbullying involves mean or threatening messages or images using technology. As a last resort, parents can seek legal help when trying to stop cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying must be stopped since its consequences are significant.
One in three online teens have experienced online harassment. Girls are more likely to be victims. Read more facts about cyberbullying and online teens.
Today, the food industry markets aggressively advertise children's food in magazines, via the Internet, through cell phones and text messages, in video and
Teenagers spend a lot of time online. What do teens really do online? Facts for parents about how teens access the internet, what teenagers do online, and more!
Cyberbullying can be just as violent and hurtful as any other type of abuse. If you suspect that your child's being cyberbullied, here are seven steps to end it for good!
Is a cyberbully cramping your kid's style? Find out how to stop cyberbullies from ruling the virtual playground.
Struggling to pry the controller out of his hands? Here's some advice.
Overviews both the possible benefits and associated risks of technology use.  Provides parental guidelines for software use, the internet, and video games.
The article discusses the entertainment industry's influence on American society.
The article describes powerful media vehicles, including printed materials, television, sound recordings, and the Internet and their influence on children.
This article describes studies that tell us about the links between violent video games, gender and ages of kids who play, and their social and school
Frequently asked questions about online video gaming, video game addiction, and advice for parents on how to keep your child safe.
Learn how to keep an eye on your child's gaming habits.
Browse internet, children, and teens educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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