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Students served by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act are distributed among 13 disability categories. A description of these categories is given.
While extrinsic motivators can be effective, it's more important to help students develop intrinsic motivation, or the inner desire to do well.
Examines how kids with visual and hearing impairments interact with peers, how their disabilities limit social experiences, and feelings of social competence.
This article discusses the power and importance of intrinsic motivation for children, particularly those children living with learning disabilities.
Occupational therapists help with the development of upper-extremity proximal stability, visual-perceptual skills, cognitive-adaptive skills, and more.
Despite all the flack NCLB is getting, there is a new report out which says at least one group has benefited overall from NCLB: students with disabilities.
Highlights the importance of memory skills in learning. Read about a variety of models of memory including working memory, explicit memory, and implicit memory.
Despite a lot of well-known sufferers, dyslexia is greatly misunderstood and often misdiagnosed. As a parent, it's important to not take any label lying down.
More and more classrooms are including children with disabilities in general education classrooms. Find out what you need to know about inclusion.
The summer can be an ideal time to help a child with Dyslexia make significant academic gains. This article includes information on fun and educational summer
Barkley's ADHD model analyzes issues like time awareness deficits, problems with executive functions, and problems with emotional regulation.
The transition from summer to school can be particularly difficult for students with learning disabilities. Here are some expert tips for parents.
Early identification of speech and language delays or difficulties is crucial to getting children the help they need. Read on for valuable speech delay info.
Summarizes the seven steps involved in the formation of an individualized education program, beginning with pre-referral and ending with evaluation and review.
Describes the term 'exceptional children' and differentiates children with: learning and/or behavior problems, physical disabilities, and gifted children.
An overview on how Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky examined children's acquisition of language.
The term communication disorders encompasses a wide variety of problems in language, speech, and hearing. This article defines them.
Inclusion remains a controversial concept in education because it relates to educational and social values, as well as the sense of individual worth.
Browse learning disabilities educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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