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Compares and contrasts how mothers and caregivers facilitate language development in young children and how this is affected by cultural and socioeconomic
Provides a table outlining examples of interrogative sentences used by children aged 26 to 64 months.
Provides a brief outline of the metalinguistic skills and abilities in children age 1 1/2 years to school age children.
Why is it important to support English language learners? This article tells you how to support non-native speakers of English in classrooms and schools.
Define Response to Intervention (RTI) and discusses the three step model of school supports that uses research-based academic and/or behavioral interventions.
Spontaneous and independent use of commercial toys is not possible for many children with cerebral palsy.  Suggested six ways on how to make the toy easier to
Overviews how play in many forms can be an ideal vehicle for language acquisition in young children including pretend play, role playing and solitary play.
Provides an example of an IEP for a second grade child with a specific learning disability.  Includes assessment information, goals and modifications.
An overview of speech and language impairments and effective education strategies to work with students who have them.
The article discusses the effect of poor teaching contributing to learning problems and disabilities in children.
Provides an outline of common two word utterances made by toddlers in their language development.
Students with special needs may be educated in one of several environments. Chart illustrates class placement options that are ranked according to
Provides a list of suggestions for parents to facilitate language development including being an active listener, playing sound games and reading.
Summarizes various forms and techniques of verbal guidance to strengthen the child's communication skills including active listening and redirection.
Provides an overview of how language development begins. Summarizes theories and the sequence of how children learn language.
Examines how an infant's and young child's social interaction with adults is a major factor in language acquisition.
Summarizes the value of the various components of the language arts curriculum to the communication process and the consequences of failing to communicate.
A summary of a study regarding parents' opinions of inclusion for their children with disabilities.
Browse learning disabilities educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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