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Consumers can easily be confused or misled by supposedly healthy labeling. So what do those labels really mean, and can you trust them?
With the millions of American children who suffer from asthma, people are exploring new and different ways to treat the disease. Changes to your diet may help.
Get some need-to-know info gluten sensitivity along with some tips on how to make stay happy and healthy while being gluten free.
How can you make sure your child isn't going from Popsicles to Pop-Tarts as back-to-school season approaches?
Make school lunches a kid-friendly and nutritious meal with three school snacks. Here's how to make pizza muffins, healthy hummus, and chicken wraps.
Check out these healthy and quick creative snack ideas for children to try in the kitchen!
Want to pack a healthy lunch? Help your kid resist temptation, with smart snacks and a few sinful stand-ins that only SEEM like junk food. Guilt-free lunch!
Learn about the new Chefs Move to School program, as well as other ways to make your child's school cafeteria food healthier.
According to Nutrition Action Healthletter, not all foods are created equal. There are many delicious healthy options for parents to give their children.
Want to send your child to school with a warm and comforting lunch? Here are three kid-friendly lunch box soup recipes!
Farmers markets are great places to sneak in educational lessons about all sorts of things. Here's a sampling of what your child can learn at farmers markets.
Here are some creative ways to make that Halloween candy disappear.
Schools can't really provide gourmet fare, but we’d like our kids to have nutritious meals.  Here's how to get involved in your child's school lunch program.
Your teen is idealistic, health-conscious, and, suddenly, a vegetarian. Here's how to deal.
For parents of autistic children, the decision behind what to serve is a tough one.
Did you know that dinnertime can be a great educational resource? Trying new foods can broaden kids' horizons help them experiment and discover the world.
Here are 6 things you can do right now to pack a greener lunchbox.
Browse nutrition educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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