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Toddlers are experts at pushing boundaries; in fact, most of their behavior can be chalked up to a daily battle for independence. Toddler eating skills can foster self-reliance; help your little one learn how to eat on his own with these tips.
Unhand that low-fat brownie! Resist that baked potato chip! A new study shows that reduced fat food may be making us fat.
Find out what parents can do to instill healthy eating habits in their children.
A fresh spinach smoothie might not sound that appealing, but it shouldn't be life threatening. For almost three-year-old Kyle Allgood, it was.
Here are some simple tips for raising a child who appreciates good food.
Here are three kid-friendly salads that will go down easy, and keep kids begging for more where that came from!
States are starting to demand chain restaurants put calorie counts on menus. But will a side of nutritional information really keep your family healthy?
Here's a list of power breakfasts you can put together for your kids  in just minutes.
Move over, organic. The new buzz in food circles is 'eat local.' Summer is the perfect time to teach your kids to care where you got the food on their plates.
Find out how to get the most nutrition out of fruits using a blender, a willing child, and lots of imagination.
If there's one thing every expert seems to agree on, it's the sanctity of the family dinner hour. It always helps to plan ahead.
Here are some tips and healthy snack suggestions to keep kids healthy over the summer.
If your well of snack ideas is running dry, don't sweat it. Here are three easy snack recipes to add to your repertoire.
In the days after having your baby, you mind's swirling with different thoughts about your new bundle of joy. From 'How did I create this creature?' to 'Does it ever sleep at night?' one of the most pressing . . .
June is National Dairy Month! How much dairy do you need to do your body good?
A new partnership between the Coca-Cola Company and the American Academy of Family Physicians is making some people uncomfortable.
New nutrition guidelines announce that school meals need to reduce sodium, add fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and include a cap on calories.
A new study says kids who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. Here's why, plus a great recipe for healthy cereal bars.
Browse nutrition educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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