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Here's what you need to know about bedwetting stats and more.
Wetting the bed is sometimes a cause of stress, but it's almost always a result of stress. Learn how to reduce stress in kids who wet the bed.
'Why does my child wet the bed?' Get the answers to your bedwetting questions to effectively help your child stop wetting the bed.
Bedtime routines may not be popular among little ones, but they pay off, for the brain and body. A recent study showed that 7-year-olds with consistent bedtimes tested better in reading, math and spatial comprehension, versus kids with sudden changes in bedtimes. If your kid has been spending summer going to bed and waking up late, you'd better start easing him back to a school-appropriate sleep schedule. The earlier you start, the easier it is. Learn how!
There are lots baby sleep myths that can affect how parents feel about the wee hours with their little one. Sort fact from fiction with this advice.
When you had a newborn, bedtime was a flurry of baths, feeding, rocking, waking up at night and plenty of crying. Luckily, as your child ages, there are no more sleep worries, right? Unfortunately, no.…
Lack of sleep can cause more than just sluggish brains: sleep deprived students are at higher risk of developing the behavioral symptoms of ADHD.
A sufficient amount of sleep and a steady morning routine sets the stage for the entire day—especially for kids, who are prone to mood swings and a lack of focus as it is. But do you know how much sleep your child needs? And do you know how to establish a healthy morning routine? The facts on sleep and the ways to wipe out the morning drama might surprise you. Read through this slideshow on your way to a stress-free morning routine for you and your kid.
Pulling an all-nighter is no way to go, but many see no alternatives to the occasional cram-session. But all-nighters may be doing more harm than good.
Are expensive tutoring services really necessary for SAT success? Here are three low-cost test prep ideas to help your teen without breaking the bank.
How you talk with your child about bedwetting will greatly influence your child's well-being. Here are some simple tips for keeping the tone
Could later start times at school erase the tradition of the moody and unproductive teenager? Find out why your teen should start school a little later.
Preschool children are more prone to experiencing nightmares than are older or younger children. Expert ideas for helping preschoolers who've had a nightmare.
Is fear of the boogey man keeping your child up at night? Here are some tips for soothing his fears and nightmares, and ensuring a good night's sleep.
Here's some great gear to help kids (and parents) cope with bedwetting.
Few teens are getting the nine hours of sleep per night that researchers say they need. Here's what you can you do about it.
Here are some key ideas to keep in mind when planning to approach your child about the occurrence of bedwetting.
You're out of the hazy first six months without sleep, and it's time to start training your little one about how to score some shut-eye. Tackle common baby sleeping problems to get the rest you need.
Browse sleep and rest and genetic, chromosomal, and metabolic conditions educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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