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Wetting the bed is sometimes a cause of stress, but it's almost always a result of stress. Learn how to reduce stress in kids who wet the bed.
Gifted students can experience high levels of stress to excel at everything they do. Here's how parents can help.
Is your child over-scheduled? He might be losing more than he is gaining. Here's how under-scheduling your child can help create well-rounded and happy kids.
Life is full of changes. Here's how to help your child through the bang-ups and hang-ups.
Is your preschooler stressed?  How to recognize the myriad pressures children experience and help your little one remain calm.
Here are some techniques for helping your child overcome homework anxiety.
You can’t please all the people all the time, as the saying goes. But that’s just what today’s girls feel they’re being asked to do.
Here's how parents can nurture their child's resilience, their ability to bounce back from life's hardships.
With all the consumer hype around the holidays, it's hard to know how to destress the season of giving and getting. Here are ten tips for parents.
Today's culture of high-pressure parenting can make you feel anxious, irritable, and controlling. So how can you avoid making your family feel the same way?
Just why do kids develop repetitive habits like hair-twisting and thumb-sucking, and what, if anything, can parents do about it?
The pressure to throw the perfect birthday party can be overwhelming  for parents. Here's how to throw a stress-free party, plus ideas for themed parties.
Parenting advice on helping kids prepare for a big exam. Here's how to make sure they don't freeze up when the big moment arrives.
What does it mean to be a mindful parent, and does one go about becoming one?
Families across the country are hopping onto the yoga mat, and you can too.
Has your child's perfectionism led to unhealthy habits? Find out.
The blissed-out motherhood moments you longed for during pregnancy have become sleepless nights with a screaming infant. Learn how to soothe a crying baby with these tricks and tips.
Phobias in children are more common than you might think. Your child's fear of the dark could signal a normal developmental phaseâor something worse. These tips will help you figure out if he's suffering from a phobia, and what you can do to help.
Browse stress reduction educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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