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This article describes studies that tell us about the links between violent video games, gender and ages of kids who play, and their social and school
The pattern of brain activation for adolescents with high past media exposure was similar in some ways to adolescents who had a history of past violent
The article discusses the influence of the media on socialization in early childhood. Television is the medium with the greatest socialization effect.
Psychologists and pediatricians have recently discovered evidence that time spent viewing screen media (television, movies, and video games) increases the risk
This article describes a step-by-step program used to enhance your child's awareness of the images he or she sees in media, especially violent images in video
Frequently asked questions about online video gaming, video game addiction, and advice for parents on how to keep your child safe.
Any parent who has tried to take video games away from a child knows the very strong pull these games have. Some parents even say that their children are
Is your teen addicted to video games? Learn about the negative potential of video games and help prevent your child from becoming a video game addict.
Violent video games cause aggression. Using MRI brain scans of players who played at least five hours of a popular violent video game each week, scientists
A variety of FAQs about video games and and their links to aggression in children.
Struggling to pry the controller out of his hands? Here's some advice.
This article uses research to support and explain the strong impact negative and positive video game images (and other media images) can have on our children.
This article contains signs parents should be concerned with regarding their child's video game playing and tips to make sure that video game playing remains a
Children can experience video game addiction.  Some of the core characteristics of video game addiction include:  salience or importance, euphoria/relief,
Learn how to keep an eye on your child's gaming habits.
Protect your child from online dangers and predators. These 10 tips will keep the internet friendly and fun.
Playing the blame game with video games? Learn about some of the benefits video games can offer your child.
Browse video games educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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