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We’re often our own worst critic—and that includes kids. Help your child move beyond her perfectionism and keep the stress off.
Why experts say the study of history shouldn't be 'left behind.'
Book-banning still goes on today. So what does it take for a book to make the infamous banned list?
Every parent of a teenager understands the relevance of appropriate friends. But what about young children?
Anorexia kills more than 10% of its victims, and bulimia 1%. Eating disorders are a big problem in America. Here's what you need to know.
The same attitude that can drives parents crazy may also be the key to powerful and evocative writing. Here are ways to harnass your teen's spunk for good:
Word to parents: your teens can't avoid peer pressure, but you can teach them decision-making skills to soften the damage.
How can you help your child find purpose? Here's are some guidelines to get you started.
When children do something hurtful we tend to make them apologize. But it isn't saying 'I'm sorry' that children need to learn so much as it is feeling sorry.
How can you know if grade-skipping is right for your child?
Here are some ideas for helping your child launch their journey of self-discovery. It may just lead to success in the future.
Children's minds are ripe for studying philosophy because they're uncluttered and naturally curious.  Here's a parenting guide to getting your child started.
Why do school shootings happen, and what can we do to prevent them?
For many families, the grade is the goal. But what do those letters really mean? And do they really do any good?
A child with a disability is more likely to be bullied than his typically developing peers. Here are parenting tips from a special needs teacher of 20 years.
You want to protect your child and you want to ensure that he has plenty of friends.  Here are some tools he needs to be social and to be a good friend.
Most experts agree that while children are curious about difference, they learn prejudice from others.  Here are some parenting tips to help promote tolerance.
Learning about family heritage is an important activity to engage in with your child. Not sure where to get started? Here's a quick guide to Genealogy 101.
Browse identity educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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