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Learn about common causes of (and interventions for) aggressive behavior, including developmental factors, media influences, and social skills deficits.
Summarizes common causes and antecedents of bullying behavior as well as recommended interventions to decrease bullying incidents.
Find definitions of three broad terms related to multicultural education and diverse learners and additional terms that describe multicultural principles of
Outlines steps that can assist parents and educators in discovering the cause of a child’s behavior problem including looking at expectations, missing skills
Assisting young children develop social skills can help achieve peer acceptance throughout their education and can improve behavior problems in the classroom.
Defines punishment as a consequence that decreases the frequency of the response it follows.  Summarizes two categories of punishment, presentation and removal.
There are a variety of alternatives to using detention for truant students including incentives, support, and other 'stick' strategies.
Children with LD run a greater risk than their nondisabled peers of exhibiting social–emotional problems.  Highlights the effects that this can have later in
Read about drama and role play as an intervention in an educational setting. Role playing enables children to express themselves and understand their behavior
Explains the concept of time-out intervention as a behavior management tool in the classroom and lists examples of its use and factors that can increase its
Promoting physical activity, allowing practice with small-muscle skills and providing nutritious food and rest for children can increase positive behavior.
Learn behaviors that can be expected from preschool age children in an academic environment and how to structure activities to meet their developmental level.
Read about at risk students, the characteristics they typically exhibit and reasons behind their high drop out rate.
Find out three causes, identification methods and prevention tips for emotional and behavioral disorders.
Here's what to look for if you suspect your student might be emotionally disturbed.
Find out how you can help your student achieve her full potential.
Overviews teacher behaviors and the resulting effect on student learning and achievement.  Includes the role of emotion, expectations and ability grouping.
Descfribes various classroom techniques and modifications that should be tried before more serious interventions are attempted.
Browse behavior in school educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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