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Believe it or not, middle school lays important foundations for higher education. Here's what you can do now to pave the way for future success.
Getting outside help for your high schooler has become mainstream. But, how do you get the best help?
Is the International Baccalaureate program right for your kid? Check out our guide to International Baccalaureate programs, or IB, to learn more.
Are expensive tutoring services really necessary for SAT success? Here are three low-cost test prep ideas to help your teen without breaking the bank.
Here are some key action steps for parents and students to help organize and make sense of the college admissions process.
Here are some things that seniors should keep in mind in their last semester of high school.
How do you stand out from the crowd when applying for college? Here's your guide to crafting a well-refined and organized application.
Here's a guide to writing a personal statement for your college applications that will rise to the top of the pile.
What's standing between old habits and new technologies, and how can students and teachers begin to revolutionize education using new tools?
There are many advantages of choosing community college over a four-year university. Here are three of the most compelling.
Admission to college is getting more and more competitive. Good grades aren't always enough. Can bowling help your kid?
It's no secret that teenage volunteering looks great on a college application√Ębut high school students are too busy for pure altruism. Help your teen give back and reap personal rewards with these tips.
Is admission into competitive colleges really worth the stress it takes to get in?
There's no argument that A students ought to go to college, regardless of their socioeconomic status. But what about students who make Bs and Cs?
An increasing number of high school students are going the extra mile to get into college.
Of the total number of students taking the ACT last school year, less than one quarter scored at the 'college-readY' level in all four subject areas.
Learn the differences in personal freedom, classes, teachers, studying, tests, and grades between High School and College.
Here are few steps that parents can take to prepare their child for college and encourage his or her career aspirations.
Browse college admissions educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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