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Tips for impressing college admissions officers with your extracurricular activities.
Every college visit should have at least two dimensions, formal and informal. To cover both, begin your planning with this checklist.
Learn the differences in personal freedom, classes, teachers, studying, tests, and grades between High School and College.
This article discusses a good college structure and characteristics of a good college programs for students with Asperger Syndrome.
What do you do if the government's Expected Family Contribution is just too high or you can't manage the unmet need in your financial aid package? This page
Will a college education help students develop the skills they need for rewarding job opportunities? Employers and researchers answer, 'not exactly.' This
This article examines the various financial sources minority students use to meet the costs of a higher education, some of which were created with the specific
Overviews college attendance for a learning disabled student including guidelines for choosing a college, predictors of success, and instructional
Everything you need to know about how kids can be successful their first year of college. How parents can support their children in college.
How parents can best support children during the first year of college. Help make the transition to college easier for your child.
How parents in rural areas can best support their children prepare for college. Strategies for college transition success.
Lists questions and strategies to help the LD student determine the characteristics of colleges that will make them happy and support their success.
Determining which test—the SAT or ACT—best represents a student’s academic achievement and aptitude is a crucial tactic in a well-planned approach to college
Here are few steps that parents can take to prepare their child for college and encourage his or her career aspirations.
Article reinforces you to think and prepare for your college early during your middle and junior high classes.
A college degree can provide your child with many opportunities in life. Read here to find out what a college education can mean.
Browse college information educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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