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Is it possible to homeschool a child with special challenges? Might that child even flourish? This article will answer all these questions.
This article discusses the evidence exploring music instruction's effects on children's spatial-temporal, mathematical, and reading abilities.
Practical advice for parents, educators and caregivers on watching for warning signs of bullying behaviors and taking prompt action to stop bullies from
Field guides let you know the favorite foods of the animals or the flowering times of plants. Pre-readers can use illustrated field guides to identify common
A great list of field guides and nature guides for parents, children, and adolescents. Give detail field guides for children from preschool to fifteen years
Not all bullying is a physical behavior like punching or kicking. There are many indirect ways children are bullied.
Lots of ideas for nature activities for middle school girls. Includes games and bonding activities for moms and tween daughters.
An overview of the process a child goes through in learning to write.
Teenagers spend a lot of time online. What do teens really do online? Facts for parents about how teens access the internet, what teenagers do online, and more!
The guidelines stated here may be useful to parents and educators who wish to explore mentor relationships for gifted youngsters.
Describes the stages of the emergent of reading in children from birth to eight years of age.
Social relationships begin at birth.  Here is a discussion of attachment and healthy social behaviors among infants.
Describes recent issues and trends in early childhood programs and assessment to improve education, including The No Child Left Behind Act.
Young and old thrive when resources are used to bring the generations together rather than separate them. The power of connecting the generations is realized
This article examines the various financial sources minority students use to meet the costs of a higher education, some of which were created with the specific
Students perceptions of a schools social climate change if they are bullied or being a bully. Research in how different bullying roles change perception.
Worried about teen pregnancy? What parents need to know and do to help prevent teen pregnancy.
Learn how educators can ease students transition into high school by providing challenging and supportive middle school environments.
Browse educational and parenting articles. Browse all our articles by topic and grade, or use the search.

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